This event qualifies as a Butt Builder 500 route.  I received the green light for the event from Iron Butt Association ™
Map Quest Route - Click Here ( subject to change in the next month or so. Confirming actual route by car to determine best starting point per entry point.)

The minimum requirements are that it exceeds the 500 mile minimum and it must be completed within a 12 hour window. The ride as posted will be on June 21st, 2015. This will be the first ride and what we hope to become an annual event always being the third weekend in June.

I am seeking only 8 volunteers that can scout out there area and let me know the best places to stop for gas, something to eat, and any side road excursions worthy of note along the route.  I will post posters on the website so that those volunteers can approach local shop owners, power-sport dealerships etc. for the event. Should be a lot of fun and something everyone can do! 

This would be a rain or shine event, and those completing the ride would have to do the following in order for it to qualify. Go here for all of those details. Those who do complete the run will be posted on this website along with the town they started in and make of motorcycle ridden. Certificates of completion once documentation has been witnessed and submitted to the Iron Butt Association will be sent back directly to those that attend the event. This is only on the Sunday June 21st and cannot be completed any other day. It is a one day event as such some of you may wish to ride up the night before if you are coming a long distance away. You will find accommodations along any of the routes. Please note:  You must return back to your originating starting point to complete the loop prior to the 12 hour deadline on Sunday.

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